Solid Waste

The Towns of Mapleton, Castle Hill & Chapman are under contract with the City of Presque Isle for management of their solid waste through the 2008 Inter Community Agreement.

Household Waste

The Towns have access to the City's landfill and recycling center for residents desiring to dispose of their own household waste.  Click on the Division of Solid Waste link for futher information regarding PAYT, the landfill and recycling center: City of Presque Isle Division of Solid Waste.

Curbside Pickup

The Towns are under contract with Star City Sanitation for curbside pickup of household trash and recycling.  Castle Hill and Chapman have pickup on Mondays and Mapleton on Fridays.  All items placed curbside must comply with the PAYT program. 

Household waste that does not comply with PAYT may be disposed of as follows:

  • Personally transport the waste to the landfill or recycling center;
  • Household pickup may be arranged by calling Star City Sanitation at 764-1692.

Fiscal Impact

The Towns' solid waste budget has three components funded through the property tax: Debt Service, Curbside Pickup and PAYT Credit.  The Towns are obligated to pay debt service on the landfill until 2042 at an annual cost of approximately $32,000.  Curbside pickup is contracted through Star City Sanitation at a cost of $143,640 per year.  PAYT credit is a revenue share the Towns receive from Presque Isle for participating in the PAYT program.  In 2014, we will receive $90,843 as our share of revenue.  With the PAYT program, the average annual impact on a household is $290.  Leaving the PAYT program would result in a loss of $90,843 in revenue for the Towns, require the use of private curbside pickup contracts, and result in a $445 annual impact on the average household - an increase of $155 per year.

Any questions regarding the fiscal impacts of the PAYT program for Mapleton, Castle Hill and Chapman may be directed to Town Manager Jon Frederick at 764-3754 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pay As You Throw Bags

PAYT bags are available for purchase in the Town Office.  Large orange bags (30 gallons) cost $17.25 per roll, small orange bags (13 gallons) are $9.25 per roll and blue recycling bags (15 gallons) are $.80 per roll.